About Us

About Us

Our Admission Policy

Students of any color, national origin or ethnic background may apply for enrollment. An interview with prospective parents precedes application and testing. The testing results and previous academic performance are thoroughly evaluated before deciding which grade the student should enter.

Our School Standards

Forest Park Christian School maintains institutional standards that are Biblically based. School uniforms that display modesty and neatness are required. Details are given in the school handbook which is given to every parent that enrolls a student.

Our Mission Statement

The mission of Forest Park Christian School is to provide education with a Bible-based foundation and develop character centered around Jesus Christ.

Our Philosophy

The purpose of Forest Park Christian School is to train students academically and spiritually. The business of our school is building lives. We provide an environment that promotes academic achievement and Christian character development.

Our History

Forest Park Christian School was established in 1972 as a ministry of Phillips Drive Baptist Church. The pastor had a burden to provide a Christian education for the church’s youth and the youth of the community. Forest Park Christian School has provided quality christian education to the families of the church and community for 30 years.

Volunteers Welcomed
All parents of Forest Park Christian School students and members of New Covenant Baptist Church are encouraged to volunteer their time to help make our school better. Our school would not be the same without the thousands of hours that are put in by those who volunteer their time and work. “Teamwork makes the dream work!”